About this tool

This is a free online tool that enables you to specify your requirements and identify the most relevant contract automation software solutions available on the market today.

Developed by IACCM in partnership with Capgemini, the unique tool offers vendors the chance to promote their products and potential customers the chance to evaluate their choices – and unlike other comparison tools, the service is totally fee-free and unbiased.

Why was the tool created?

We created the tool as a response to the IACCM Contract Automation report of April 2017, which showed that although an overwhelming number of companies thought CLM technology was important, almost 85% were dissatisfied with their solution(s).

The tool is designed to:

  • Help buyers identify what CLM products exist and understand their core functionalities
  • Give an overview of where CLM technology is today
  • Help CLM vendors market their tools to buyers with matching needs and allow them to benchmark their capabilities to what the market provides today.

How can I register my company's software application?

This project is ongoing. We are constantly adding new vendors using the following process:

  • The vendor signs up by clicking the 'Vendor registration' link in the footer of this page
  • The vendor receives an invitation to the Automation Survey (31 questions)
  • Once the survey is completed, we send a list of materials/answers needed before a live demo:
    • Company background
    • 4 key capabilities (from a list of 14) which will be presented
    • What does it do
    • How does it work
    • Benefits of using it
    • Default pricing model
    • 4 screenshots
    • Interesting fact
    • Technical description
  • When we receive the requested materials, we send an invitation to perform a live demo (4 capabilities, 60 mins)
  • Once the demo has been completed, we add the new vendor to the website.

Applications which have been verified through a demo session are visible on the list with green mark. It means they are searchable based on capabilities.

Vendors who responded to the survey but haven't yet completed a demo are listed with their logo but they don’t have a company description and their application is not searchable by capability.

New companies can register themselves to this project by clicking the 'Vendor registration' link in the footer below.